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So you just put up a Facebook Fan Page, now what?
Every day, more and more people log on to Facebook for the first time and are amazed at everything they are missing out on. As the user accounts on Facebook approach well over 600 million users, you can't afford to NOT be on Facebook.

Buy Facebook Likes

So you put up a Facebook fan page, make a few tweaks, change a few things, post some content to your wall on Facebook. You might even get a few "likes" from your friends and then... NOTHING.

Isn't Facebook marketing supposed to be the next big thing?

Having a few to no Likes on Facebook is as bad as not putting up a page at all!

This is social media here. If you've ever heard the phrase, "No one likes to eat in an empty restaurant," then you know what's going on here. In social media, it's not cool to be the only person who Likes a Facebook fan page. Your "empty restaurant" is essentially asking people to "like" the plague.

What can you do?

You can get things started by pre-filling your restaurant!

The more you buy likes on Facebook, the cooler you are

Facebook (if you haven't noticed already) is like a giant high school. Everyone wants to be friends with the popular kids. No one cares about those with no friends or followers.

Once you start to get your get more fans on Facebook, more people will discover your business (or band, or product, or whatever) on Facebook. They see it's OK to like your Facebook page so *CLICK!* That's how you make Facebook likes.

The great part is that now all of their friends see that they like you and now they start to like you too. It's like the snowball that turns into an avalanche. This avalanche can drive business to your website or product, get people to your events, and even turn an idea into a social cause.

This leads us to...

Facebook Likes Websites Are Lying to You!

Facebook is not stupid. They have a ton of well-paid math geniuses to make sure no one is trying to gain an unfair advantage.

This is why we don't offer "10,000 likes" like some other Facebook likes websites and although we can provide the service, we don't really recommend anything over 5000 Guaranteed Facebook likes at a time. It's just a little fishy if you get too huge very fast. And we don't want to do ANYTHING that will get you FACEBOOK BANNED!

Other Facebook Likes Websites ask for access to your account. They actually want you to put them on your account as an administrator. They will have full access to all of your information! I don't know about you, but this frightens us! Don't give away your sensitive information and we will never ask you to.

How Buying Fans on Facebook Works

I'm sure by now, you've seen that there are a bunch of companies offering to increase fans on Facebook. Some are extremely cheap, others are pretty expensive. When buying Facebook fans, you definitely get what you pay for.

We offer an Untargeted Facebook Fans service for pretty cheap. Essentially, untargeted means that you will get fans from all over the world (or possibly mostly from just one country). This country may or may not speak English. This may or may not benefit your fan page other than breaking the seal to get other real fans to like your page. You should limit your use of untargeted Facebook fans unless you are promoting something that has a world-wide appeal.

The Targeted Facebook Fans packages normally consist of fans from English speaking countries. If you seek fans from only one specific country, we should be able to help you but it will cost you significantly more. Please use the contact form to send us your request.

Beware of other sites for buying likes on Facebook

Some of these companies are using sleazy methods and spamming to get more likes on Facebook. This is a clear violation of the Facebook Terms of Service and could very easily get your site Facebook banned!

Our service provides:

  • 100%REAL Facebook users that will be invited to check your Facebook fan page and will be voluntarily liking your Fanpage

  • Users active on Facebook within the last 20 days

  • All invites are sent in accordance to Facebook's rules

  • Our Targeted Likes trickle in so nothing looks fishy

  • All orders will be delivered 100% (many customers see more!)

  • Restrictions on Buying Fans on Facebook

    We will not promote any sites promoting hate, pornography, gambling, spamming or Facebook apps. There are some Facebook fanpages that simply will not get the likes you are requesting. Examples of these are:

  • Brand new pages with very little or no content

  • Fanpages with VERY SPECIFIC content, ex: a page promoting widgets to devices only a couple hundred people own

  • Fanpages for a very small location that's not a well known (or tragically cool) tourist attraction

  • If your site falls into any of these categories, contact us about our Bulk Facebook Invitations option. This is simply a whole bunch of invites and we don't guarantee that this will increase likes on Facebook, but given the sheer volume of invites sent out, you are bound to be getting likes on Facebook to your satisfaction.

    We also recommend a way to not only learn how to drive eager fans to your Facebook fanpage, but also how to convert them into huge profits for your Facebook business. 2000 Fans in 27 Days is a 27 day course teaching you everything you need to know to become a Facebook marketing guru!

    Facebook Fans Click here for Targeted Facebook Likes Facebook Fans reviews

    500 Untargeted Facebook Fans

    3000 Untargeted Facebook Fans

    1000 Untargeted Facebook Fans

    5000 Untargeted Facebook Fans

    2000 Untargeted Facebook Fans

    Facebook Likes Reviews

    "This was much more than I expected! Not only did I get the 1000 Facebook fans I ordered, the end result was 1183."
    ~Tony M.

    Facebook Likes Reviews

    "Very professional. They kept me updated every step of the way. I will defintiely use this service to buy facebook fans in the future."

    Facebook Likes Reviews

    "At first, I thought this was a scam, but when I saw the huge increase in my Facebook Likes, I was impressed. Nice Job"
    ~Samir A.

    Facebook Likes Reviews

    "When I first put up my Facebook, I only had 11 likes for several months. It made my business look silly. After getting my Facebook likes up past 2000, then a ton just flowed in organically."
    ~Devin H.

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